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Attack of the Giant Quarter Sized Mosquitoes

Ahhhhhh!  First they had to worry about sinkholes, next reports of pythons and now quarter size mosquitoes?!? Its true!  Florida may find itself contending with another summer of giant mosquitoes that pack a quite a bite.

Psorophora ciliata more commonly known as gallinippers are large mosquitoes that have developed an outsized reputation because of its relatively intimidating heft and persistent biting behavior.  The species is notoriously aggressive and has a painful bite.

Gallinippers are 20 times larger than the ordinary mosquito and are native to the eastern half of the U.S.  These quarter-sized mosquitoes hatch after a flood or rainstorm.  They have yellow scales on the thorax and the ‘shaggy’ or ‘feathery’ scales on the hindleg segments.  Sometimes they are also called ‘shaggy-legged’ or ‘feather-legged gallinipper.’

After last summers Tropical Storm Debby struck Florida  saw a bumper crop .  The females laid eggs in soil at the edges of ponds, streams and other water bodies that overflow when heavy rains come. The eggs can remain dry and dormant for years, until high waters cause them to hatch.  A rainy season is just what they are waiting for.

Check out the story and video on USA Today page.  

Who you gonna call to keep these coin size buggers in their place?  Mosquito Squad!

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