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Did you see that?

Yes…a couple weeks ago…Spring showed up.  We almost got it again this weekend.  Sunny and 50 is close enough, so we fired up the grill for the first time this year:


We got this grill last summer.  I like it because it has baskets fot the charcoal that can be moved around the grill.  As you can see in the picture, the charcoal is on the outside edges.  This works well, particularly if you have steaks that need to be cooked to different degrees.  Christine prefers a rare to medium-rare steak and I like mine medium.  I’ll start with an extremely hot grill and the steak on the outsides over the coals.  This will quickly sear the outsides and seal in the flavor.  Then, Christine’s will move to the inside to continue cooking at a slower rate while mine stays over the coals a little while longer.  No staggered start times or end times for the cooking and everybody gets what they want!

This summer, we’ll be spending a lot of time grilling outside.  We will also be doing it mosquito free with the help of our barrier treatment program.