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Did Memorial Day Leave you Itching Thanks to the Minneapolis State Bird – The Mosquito?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 3, 2016

While everyone likes to joke that the Minneapolis state bird is the Mosquito, certainly it is not very funny when you are trying to host a holiday picnic or barbecue, and the mosquitoes are plentiful and biting. If you spent Memorial Day in Minneapolis slapping at mosquitoes and scratching fresh itchy bites, we have a few ideas for ensuring your next summer party (maybe Fourth of July) can be enjoyed pest-free.

Minneapolis Seasonal Mosquito Control

Seasonal Mosquito control is the best way to enjoy a pest-free outdoor lifestyle all summer long. At Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities, we offer several options for seasonal protection. Our top-selling mosquito barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard. With a special time-released formula, it will continue to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks for up to 21 days. Every 2-3 weeks we’ll automatically mist again. Other great options in season-long Minneapolis mosquito control includes natural barrier treatment and automatic mosquito misting systems. With any of our seasonal mosquito control methods, you can be sure your yard is pest-free for every outdoor occasion all summer long.

Minneapolis Mosquito Event Spray

Another popular product offered by Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities is our mosquito event mist. Perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Weddings, and all outdoor summer gatherings, our event mist will create a pest-free event space. Taking your guests off the menu, our mosquito event mist eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and will work for the duration of your event. The odorless and residue-free mist will allow you and your guests to enjoy the party well into the evening and night without swarms of pests crashing the event.

If you have plans for more summer gatherings this year, call today. We’d be happy to put you on the schedule for mosquito event mist as far in advance as possible. Every year we get very busy leading into Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day – don’t risk calling too late, call now!