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The Dangerous Aspect of Mosquitoes

West Nile in NC

The Dangerous Aspect of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a nuisance. They bite and leave itchy bumps that can last for days. You have to take care around your yard and remove standing water so they won’t breed. Sometimes you need to have your yard treated by a company like Mosquito Squad. Mosquitoes in your backyard can be downright annoying.


But there is also a dangerous side of mosquitoes and the bites they leave behind. They can also leave disease. 2022 reminded us of that in North Carolina. In September of 2022, North Carolina had a death from the West Nile Virus.

West Nile is a mosquito-borne disease that can sometimes be fatal. Most of the time, the infected person just has mild flu like symptoms and is never tested. Most cases are never identified. In some cases though, the symptoms become severe and cause death. Usually the elderly and young with lower immune systems are the most vulnerable.

You can take care around your property to minimize the risk. Follow the 7 T’s recommended by Mosquito Squad:

  • Tip: Get rid of standing water in your yard. Standing water may be in your child’s plastic toys, areas underneath downspouts, plant saucers, or dog bowls. Other areas may include traps, gutters, and flat roofs.

  • Toss: Remove excess grass, leaves, firewood, and grass-clippings from your yard.

  • Turn: Turn over larger yard items that could hold water, like children's portable sandboxes, plastic toys, or birdbaths.

  • Remove Tarps: If tarps stretched over firewood piles, boats, or sports equipment aren't taut, they may be holding water that you should remove.

  • Take Care: Take care of home maintenance needs that can lead to standing water. This includes cleaning out gutters, making sure downspouts are adequately attached, keeping your grass cut low, and checking your irrigation systems for leaks.

  • Team Up: Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking to neighbors is a crucial component to mosquito and tick control. Homes with little space between lots can mean that mosquitoes breed at a neighbor’s house and affect your property.

  • Treat: Utilize a mosquito elimination barrier treatment around your home and yard.

Mosquito Squad is not the Average Joe company for mosquito control in the Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem areas of North Carolina. We are the authority. Take advantage of your first treatment price of $39 with the purchase of a season package. Call us at 336-617-5268 to learn more.

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