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Don’t Rely on Natural Tick and Mosquito Predators for Tick and Mosquito Control

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While it may seem tempting to rely solely on nature to keep ticks and mosquitoes at bay, the truth is that these pests can be difficult to control without a comprehensive solution. While animals like chickens, wild turkeys, frogs, lizards, and squirrels can help reduce the tick and mosquito populations, they simply cannot provide enough protection to keep you and your family safe. Even minnows eat mosquitoes, but they don’t do enough to defend us.

Dobbs Ferry mosquito control is best from the experts

This is where Mosquito Squad comes in. As experts in mosquito and tick control, we offer a variety of solutions that are created specifically for you! We use a combination of EPA-registered and natural mosquito control treatments to ensure that your property is defended from these pesky and potentially dangerous pests.

Our highly trained technicians will first identify potential breeding grounds on your property and develop a custom plan to defend against them. Mosquitoes are notoriously difficult to handle due to their immense numbers during the warmer months, but we have the tools to meet their match. By providing regular mosquito barrier protection treatments for your yard, we will help reduce the mosquito population in your area.

Who to trust for Dobbs Ferry tick control

If you're looking for a natural mosquito control solution, Mosquito Squad has you covered. We offer a natural mosquito barrier treatment that uses essential oils. Our traditional tick and mosquito treatments are also incredibly effective and will allow you to enjoy your yard without worry when spring and summer return.

Further, we offer a tick control option that works to target nymph ticks (pre-adult ticks), which are one of the sole causes of Lyme disease. Our tick tubes are an innovative solution that uses treated cotton to target ticks before they can become a threat.

While natural predators can help reduce the populations of ticks and mosquitoes, relying solely on them is not enough to keep you and your family safe. Mosquito Squad offers safe and effective solutions that can help defend your property and loved ones from these pesky and potentially dangerous pests. For nearly 20 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to defend our region against these creatures and the devastating illnesses they can cause. With our considerable array of experience, highly trained technicians, and powerful treatments, we can guarantee dramatic reductions in both the tick and mosquito populations on your property. Dobbs Ferry mosquito control is equally effective against ticks when you work with Mosquito Squad of Southern Westchester & Rockland County. Give us a call at (914) 533-1159.

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