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Mosquito Control Should Be on Your To-Do List

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If you have been cooped up for most of the winter, you aren’t alone. As much as we would like to spend more time outside, the winter keeps us locked inside most of the time. When spring arrives, however, we become far more active than during the cold seasons. Spring and summer are the seasons for activity, relaxation, and time spent outside in the glorious weather. Outdoor activities abound in this season, when we complete home upgrades, host parties, or simply bask in the sun. We aren’t the only animals spurned into activity when warm weather arrives, though. Just as we emerge from our winter hideouts, mosquitoes do the same and jeopardize our enjoyment of the summer months.

Mosquito control and disease defense

Mosquitoes are widely seen as a mild annoyance in the United States, but these insects are far more threatening than they seem. Feeding their offspring with blood, mosquitoes are flying disease receptacles that can freely transmit pathogens to unsuspecting victims. West Nile virus, for example, is endemic in the U.S., and infection rates are rising as mosquito season lengthens due to climate change. To combat the growing mosquito threat, mosquito control has dramatically increased in popularity. How do you know what mosquito control works? There are a few factors, but you probably shouldn’t trust devices you find at home improvement stores. Like most of the mosquito control market, mosquito zappers and other devices are largely ineffectual against mosquito swarms. To keep most mosquitoes away from your property altogether, expert mosquito control is the key.

Your local mosquito control professionals

With so many options on the market, who can you trust for effective mosquito control? Mosquito Squad is your answer. Since 2005, we have been a leader in the mosquito control industry, and we’ve been defending our community every step of the way. Mosquitoes pose a real threat to our health and safety; make sure you take necessary precautions. We deliver results with a few tools, including our barrier protection mist. When we treat your property to defend against mosquitoes, we mist around your yard’s perimeter as well as on potential mosquito habitats. We do this to discourage mosquitoes from entering your yard as well as eliminate mosquito larvae breeding nearby. Our mist is effective for up to 21 days, and biweekly treatments will defend you at all times. To fully enjoy this spring and summer, mosquito control is key to enjoying the warmer seasons.

Mosquito control is becoming increasingly important. For mosquito defense throughout this spring and summer, consult Mosquito Squad of Westchester and Rockland County. Give us a call at (914) 353-4921.

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