Chikungunya Virus Arrives in New Hampshire

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Asian Tiger Mosquito About a month ago, we posted about Chikungunya virus and its arrival in the Western Hemisphere. At the time, the CDC was concerned about travelers bringing the virus back from vacations in the Caribbean, and they still are. Within the past few weeks, the CDC’s predictions have begun to be realized. The Nashua Patchhas reported that Chikungunya cases have now been identified here in New Hampshire. New Hampshire residents are much more likely to vacation in the Caribbean rather than the other areas of the world in which Chikungunya outbreaks have occurred. These first cases are the result of travelers being infected overseas.

So what do we have to worry about? Immediately, there is little cause for concern. However, as the number of imported cases rises, it becomes more likely that mosquitoes will bite an infected person and subsequently transmit it to a healthy individual. This is typically the way mosquito-borne diseases move into new areas. 2014 has already brought more Chikungunya cases within the United States than have ever been seen before. As of July 8th, the CDC has confirmed 138 cases within the continental US. In the past, only about 28 cases were confirmed here each year. As the number of Chikungunya cases increases, so does the need for vigilance.

Dread SkeeterIf you are traveling to the Caribbean for vacation this season, be sure to protect yourself and your family by wearing mosquito repellent and light colored clothing and ensuring that mosquitoes are unable to enter your sleeping quarters. Not only will you decrease your risk of getting sick, you will also decrease the risk of sharing Chikungunya in your neighborhood once you return. At home, we should simply control the mosquito population by eliminating standing water on our properties and by treating our yards for mosquitoes. Here, Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire can help. Our barrier sprays are applied to the vegetation, which is a mosquito food source, in your yard. They last for 21 days, and even if it rains, they are a highly effective way of eliminating mosquitoes and continuing to repel them. We also offer organic options and mosquito misting systems.

So call Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire today at (603) 538-3125 to get control over the mosquito population on your property. The best way to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, like Chikungunya, is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes in the first place. We can help.