The winter of 2016 was a wild ride. An extreme warm up in late February for a few days, and then the Stella Nor’easter dumping anywhere from 10-16” of snow on most of Central Mass on Tuesday, March 14, 2017, put the finishing touches on an abnormal winter.

Receiving a large quantity of precipitation followed by an immediate warm-up is a perfect concoction for a tough mosquito and tick season. Why?


Moisture is vital for both mosquitoes and ticks to thrive.

Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. If we give them an ample supply of standing water in the beginning of an earlier than usual spring, they will have a longer season for proliferating. Keep in mind, as soon as temperatures are above 45 for 10+ days we’ll begin to see reproduction activity among the mosquitoes, which could be much sooner than we are accustomed.

Ticks will die if they dry out. While the early emerging February ticks are adults at the end of their life-cycle, Stella has created a perfect atmosphere for spring’s emerging nymph ticks to thrive in the moist environment. These nymph ticks quite likely could be out earlier, thanks to the much enjoyed mild winter and early spring.

What Can You Do?

Using the mild spring weather to do a clean-up around your property is a great first step in minimizing the effects of the late Nor’easter Stella.

First, follow the 5 T’s of mosquito control to check your yard for and eliminate standing water sources.

Next, clean up your yard of all debris and underbrush that could provide a comfortable home for deer ticks. Use the 6 C’s of tick control to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases.

What Can Mosquito Squad Do For You?

At Mosquito Squad of Leominster, we customize our treatment plans for each client. That customization also applies to related weather patterns that could change the tick and mosquito season. This year we are treating early for ticks, starting now. Normally our first treatment is in May, but the mild winter and the addition of Stella to the mix have made it clear we need to get out ahead of what is expected to be a bad mosquito season and an even worse tick season. Call today for a free quote and sign up for season-long mosquito treatment.