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How The Front Page DC Reclaimed Their Patio

Each year, we help countless families in the Washington DC metropolitan area take back their backyards from mosquitoes, stink bugs, ticks, and more. However, we don’t just work on residential properties. We also love to serve local businesses!

Our pest control services help restaurants and companies beat the bugs so that their customers can enjoy a meal, shopping or leisure time outdoors without having to swat away pests.

Last year, we began working with The Front Page, a Dupont Circle restaurant that has served the DC community for almost a quarter of a century. This spot is incredibly popular during happy hour and brunch because customers love to sit on the outdoor patio and enjoy great cocktails and food with friends. However, the mosquito population on the patio began to grow in 2015, and customers complained about being bitten constantly.

The Front Page realized they needed to call in the professionals. We were recommended to the restaurant through a residential customer, and we quickly stepped in to help.

The Problem

When we surveyed the site, we found that the problem was pretty extreme. The outdoor seating is situated on top of grates, so the mosquitoes were breeding and hatching right under the tables. Customers were affected most during happy hour and dinner service.

The Solution

First, we treated the outdoor dining area with our protective barrier treatment to keep mosquitoes at bay. In addition, we used a larvicide in the grates to stop mosquitoes from breeding in that area.

The Process

As with all of our commercial clients, we consulted with The Front Page restaurant to accommodate any special needs. Restaurants are a unique case because they produce food on site. In order to avoid contamination, we used a handheld pump (instead of our gas-powered backpacks) to prevent mist from drifting to food preparation areas or to neighboring businesses. Plus, we always make sure to treat outdoor areas on restaurant property before they open for business so as not to disrupt any operations.

The Results

Charles Idol, the General Manager of The Front Page DC, was very pleased with the final results. “Mosquito Squad has been a valuable partner to The Front Page. We have found their service to be top notch,” he said. “I would recommend this company to any business in need of spring outdoor pest treatment.”

Our safe and effective treatment plan helped The Front Page reclaim their outdoor patio from the menacing mosquitoes. Now, their customers can enjoy the food and ambiance without worrying about being bitten.

We love helping other local businesses thrive, so we’re always thrilled to hear success stories like this one! If you have a local business in need of pest control professionals, contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Washington DC today!