Tips for Mosquito Control in your yard

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Summer can be a great time to plan fun outdoor parties and other activities, but these events can quickly be ruined by pesky mosquitoes. There are several tips that you can follow which will help you with mosquito control. One simple tip is to replace all of your outdoor light bulbs with yellow light bulbs. This kind of light will not attract mosquitoes and other bugs after it gets dark. Another simple tip for daytime activities is to wear dark colored clothing. 

mosquito man and kids

Bright colors attract mosquitoes as well as other insects. If there are any ponds, birdbaths, or other areas where there is stagnant water on your property, there are safe chemicals that Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids can add to the water.  This will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, which will prevent future problems with mosquitoes.  One of the best ways to control the mosquitoes in your yard is to sign up for a seasonal mist from Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, this way you will be assured to be able to enjoy your yard for the whole season. Give us a call at (616) 920-8069