Bugs, Bugs, Bugs…My Yard is Full of Bugs!

japanese beetles

If you take one look at our website, it is pretty easy to see we are passionate about getting rid of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Nothing makes us happier than knowing a family can enjoy being outdoors. Whether that’s playing ball with your dog, washing your car, entertaining guests, or swimming in your backyard pool, there are plenty of activities that can keep you entertained and enjoying outdoor living during warmer seasons. We talk often about the nuisance mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are…but did you know Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment services takes care of over 30 insects that can wreak havoc on your outdoor fun?

Japanese beetle

The japanese beetle is one insect that can be to blame for munching on your foliage.  I know when I have guest over for a BBQ in my backyard and uncover the food, the sight of flies and ants can make my skin crawl! And did you know there are over 34,000 species of spiders? Some are known to have very painful bites that can cause severe swelling, chills, and fever. Despite these obnoxious and gross facts, there is a silver lining. These are all insects that you can keep out of your yard using Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment treatments.

That’s right folks, as we said before, we don’t just kill mosquitoes fleas and ticks, we take care over 60 other insects that can ruin your garden, leave you with painful bites, and send you running indoors.  We could go on for hours about this, but instead of wasting your time listing every single insect Mosquito Squad can take care, I’m going to let you pick up the phone and call your local Mosquito Squad and schedule a treatment for your yard. The results speak for themselves! Take back your summer, and start enjoying your backyard again!