Automatic Mosquito Control System’s Are Now The Buzz Within The Us, Not Just Europe

mosquito squad misting yard

As reported by the CDC mosquito suppression has become more important. The illnesses mosquitoes carry are on the rise, and mosquitoes can not only create discomfort, but severe health problems and even death to people and their pets.

Just a small portion of mosquitoes in the USA carry and transmit disease. Frequently, mosquitoes are a major cause of outdoor discomfort.

The best household mosquito control is through the installation and use of a fully automatic residential mosquito control system.

High pressure nozzles are placed strategically surrounding the perimeter of the property as well other areas that may benefit in the control of mosquitoes. The nozzles are precision-engineered premium quality components that almost disappear within the landscaping.

Pre-programmed regular misting is scheduled to automatically dispense a fine mist of mosquito fighting insecticide that blankets the area, usually two or three times a day near daybreak and sunset when mosquitoes tend to be most active. Each misting cycle is approximately 30 seconds, and is planned for when people, household pets and food won’t be nearby. A remote is provided with every system to ensure that a misting may be aborted, skipped, or started on command.

When the system dispenses the mist it settles on the lawn and landscaping, eliminating any mosquito which comes in contact with it. The mosquito mister system can also help eliminate other unwanted insects, like flies, gnats and no-see-ums.

Worry free and powerful outdoor mosquito control is available so you’ll never again have to feel uncomfortable within your backyard, or mist your children with messy repellent’s.
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These systems are the most effective available; just look at the expansion of the industry. In just a few short years more than 20,000 mosquito systems are already installed around the nation. Incredible business expansion simply doesn’t happen like this if it doesn’t work.

At Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids, we inform our customers it is recommended to keep their property free of stagnant water, including making sure house gutters have proper pitch to empty properly. However to really take back control of your yard from pesky mosquitoes along with other biting insects, install a permanent high quality mosquito control system. One of our systems will let you enjoy your premises bug free all season.
Automatic Mosquito Control