Outdoor Trends


Curious what the edgy trends in luxury outdoor living are so you can fashionably participate? They will essentially be creative expansions of what we’ve enjoyed the last few years and can be broken into two categories.


The predominant macro trend continues to be the growth of outdoor rooms. Although that formality will likely grow, it’s the various components of outdoor rooms most are able to enjoy.

What’s driving this fantasy with outdoor living spaces? Fun is! We’ve discovered there’s more to life than Facebook, iPad's and “Dancing with the Stars.” We’ve rediscovered life outdoors, and that a little respite in the backyard with the occasional neighbor stopping by can be good for the soul, and genuinely improve our performance in other areas of life.

So, expect to read/hear/see/do more about romantic pergolas, authentic stone patios, fire features of all sorts and the most critical element of outdoor enjoyment … year-round performing landscapes.


Details make all the difference, not only in life, but in outdoor living, too. A great patio without thoughtful landscape is simply a sterile playground of bricks. Add some of your own personality and it is transformed into an atmosphere you can’t wait to get home and enjoy. That’s what micro trends are about. 
Edible landscapes are an effective tool of growing a few veggies among the boxwood. Sure, planning is critical for success in aesthetic and edible production. But, a purple lettuce border with rosemary and thyme tucked in the colorful perennial patch is a clever initiation, and can look stunning. And, it doesn’t have to be hidden in the backyard.

edible gardens

Whether it’s macro or micro … stay home. Be moved.