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Information about Stink Bug Life Cycle

mosquito squad misting yard
People have been telling me recently that they are starting to notice stink bugs in their house in the first week of January. As one person put it, it got a little warmer and now I am seeing them in my house. They wonder why that is. Others have asked me about the stink bugs’ life cycle. I thought I would share this information for anyone who is interested. Stink bugs are generally hatched in August. In September they notice that the temperature is getting colder so they start coming to your house to overwinter. They continue being heavily concentrated around certain homes, mostly in more rural areas near soy or corn farms or wooded areas, from September to November. By mid November the temperature has dropped enough that the stink bugs are inside where they will hibernate, or as some have called it, semi-hibernate. As it gets warmer to the stink bugs, they may start to get more active indoors. Though one of my customers told me that they saw stink bugs outside their home last February after the major snow fall. In April and May, they will start going outdoors. That is when they will mate. So, when is the best time to treat for stink bugs? Some may want to treat in April thru June to kill them before they breed and lay eggs. Definitely, from August through October is the time to treat to keep as many as possible out of your house.

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