Mosquito Breeding Sites

lake front

After a recent rain storm, I treated two properties for the first time to help them reduce the Asian Tiger mosquitoes in their yards. While in those yards, I observed several obvious breeding sites for the Asian Tiger mosquitoes. In one yard, they had a small kiddie pool with standing water in it. I looked in the pool and saw what must have been hundreds of mosquito larva swimming in it. I then found buckets full of landscaping rocks with more mosquito larva swimming in them. Those were the obvious spots. In that yard, there were probably many other breeding sites because the Asian Tiger mosquito can lay eggs in very small pools of water in tree holes, bottle caps and other locations. Asian Tiger mosquito larva breeding site

The other yard had a wheelbarrow with dirt and a tarp in it. The tarp was full of mosquito larva. 

Removing those types of breeding sites would not completely eliminate the mosquito problem in those yards, but would certainly hell reduce some mosquitoes. 

Asisn tiger mosquito breeding site