Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Prevent Frederick Homeowner from Using His Backyard


The Frederick News Post published an article on 8/8/10 about Frederick resident Courtney Nicodemus’ complaint that he cannot use his backyard.  He wants the City or County to pay for the mosquito control.  Despite the fact that the Maryland Department of Agriculture says that this has been a fairly light mosquito year in Maryland, Mr. Nicodemus feels the problem is worse this year.  I understand that the state counts mosquitoes by having people stand in different areas and counting how many mosquitoes land on the counter.  That does not seem to count the Asian Tigers in backyards.  I have had customers tell me that they were being bothered by Asian Tiger mosquitoes in the backyard, but not in the front.  Other customers have told me that they thought the mosquitoes were worse this year.  Perhaps this is explained by the fact that Asian Tiger mosquitoes seem to thrive in the heat and do not need much stagnant water to breed.  

We have had very good success treating Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which helps to explain why Roelkey Myers, a Mosquito  Squad customer, who manages Frederick City’s mosquito control contract with the state of Maryland, recommended that Courtney Nicodemus call Mosquito Squad to get rid of the mosquitoes.