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Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in Frederick

mosquito on skin

I talked with a client in Frederick’s Clover Hill area yesterday.  He was happy that we had helped him take back his yard.  His yard has been infested with Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which have been making it impossible for his wife and daughter to spend time outdoors.  However, after Mosquito Squad treated their yard, he reported that they are sitting on their porch and enjoying their yard again. 

It is gratifying to hear these success stories, especially when the Maryland Department of Agriculture reports that it is very difficult to eliminate Asian Tiger mosquitoes. Asian Tiger mosquitoes are different from most of the other 58 species of mosquitoes identified in Maryland.  They are known as “aggressive” day feeders. Slightly smaller than other mosquitoes, they are black with white stripes. They tend to start at your ankles and work up your leg until they find a place to engorge. They are said to be very fast and leave their bite before you know they have been there. They are known vectors (carriers) for various diseases, including West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever, and can give dogs Heart-worm. They breed in places that are different from many other species of mosquito.  They can lay their eggs in any small amount of water, including water that accumulates in tree holes, gutters, and other small places. They do not need a swamp or other large body of water to lay their eggs.

Asian Tiger mosquitoes were first identified in the continental U.S. in Houston in 1985.  Soon after that they were identified in Florida.  By 1987, they were found in Baltimore and soon after that they spread to other counties in Maryland.  How have they spread to now  be found in 30 states?  Simply stated, they breed very easily in tires. As tires are transported from one state or country to another, the tiger mosquito caught a ride.  Humid climates suit them better, so they are not expected to spread to dry arid locations as rapidly.  Studies have shown that the tiger breeds very quickly, especially as the weather warms up.  They tend to spread very quickly and dominate an area. Mosquito Squad’s treatment has shown to be effective in reducing their population in several backyards in the Frederick area.

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