How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Kids in Fenton-Brighton

When the weather warms in the Fenton-Brighton, Michigan area you are bound to want to spend time outdoors with your kids. Unfortunately, many people in this area are well aware of how annoying and frustrating it can be to deal with mosquitos. For those with kids, mosquitos are also a concern as they can lead to bug bite infection and other health concerns. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your kids safe from mosquito bites this summer.

Mosquito Spray

One of the most traditional tools that can be used to keep mosquitos away from your kids is by using mosquito mist. There are a variety of mosquito repellents that are made with natural ingredients and are shown to repel mosquitos. There are also plenty of great ways to make your own mist for a lower price and using organic ingredients. When trying to keep them away from kids when relaxing outdoors, citronella candles, oscillating fans, and tiki torches around the perimeter of your outdoor space can also help.

Avoid Wet Areas

Mosquitos tend to be their most active when it is warm and damp outside. If you have areas of your yard that tend to gather water, mosquitos are more likely to congregate in the area. To avoid mosquitos, you should avoid using a yard for a day or two after a storm and keep away from puddles and other areas that could attract mosquitos. If you have standing, untreated water, which could be in a blowup pool or kid's water table, it is important to dump out the water and dry everything out as well. 

Receive Professional Mosquito Control

When you are trying to keep mosquitos away from your kids, one of the most effective things that you can do would be to have a professional mosquito control company come to your home. A mosquito control company will be able to provide you with safe mosquito control that can help to eliminate any mosquitos on your property and even prevent them from coming back. The natural mosquito control sprays will also be safe for your kids and pets to be around.

If you are in the Fenton-Brighton area and are in need of safe mosquito control, you should call Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton. By calling them today at 810-202-9771 to learn more about their services and schedule an appointment to receive professional mosquito control today.