Our Guaranteed Columbia Flea Control Program Will Bring You & Your Pet Comfort & Peace of Mind

All pet owners will agree that seeing the torment a flea can inflict upon your best friend is hard to swallow. Not only do fleas carry the ability to drive them mad with itching, a flea infestation can lead to serious infections.  In severe cases flea infestations can cause anemia by the excessive blood loss. Fleas are responsible for many skin conditions including Flea Allergy Dermatitis suffered by our pets. The excessive scratching in an effort to stop the itch can also lead to open sores subject to becoming infected. It is also a known fact that tapeworms are caused by flea larvae which enter a pet’s system through the mouth as a direct result of chewing and biting their skin. Tapeworm infections can make your pet very sick and can even lead to death if left untreated.

Luckily, there is a way to fight the bite and the fleas which are associated with the mayhem. Mosquito Squad of Columbia offers a guaranteed service to treat and prevent fleas in your yard. Eradicating the main source of where your pet is picking up the flea itself will keep your pet safe and happy. Fleas rarely jump from one pet to another. Your pet generally gets fleas from coming into contact with a flea infested environment. These environments include your garden, your backyard and any other place another animal which has fleas frequent. Infested animals leave flea eggs behind wherever they go. The culprits can include wild animals like deer and squirrels as well other dogs and cats that enter your landscape. New fleas hatch from these infested environments and once they sense the warmth, carbon dioxide and vibration your pet’s movement creates, they jump onto them.

Fleas are picked up by your pet and brought indoors to lay eggs in your carpets, your bedding and any other place their eggs land. Fleas will indeed bite people too. Fleas are drawn to carbon dioxide which is what our bodies exhale when breathing. We draw oxygen in and exhale carbon dioxide out.  Having a flea infestation within your home can be a nightmare in itself!

Our flea control consists of a series of 3 treatments to kill existing fleas and guard against new ones hatching within the treated area. Our treatments are safe and effective. After 9 weeks, Mosquito Squad of Columbia will guarantee the premises will remain flea free the entire season. We do recommend keeping your pet on a regular schedule of flea preventative as prescribed by your veterinarian. Many oral products are highly effective such as Comfortis and Trifexis, but over time these products can be tough on your pet’s stomach. Topical flea preventative are essentially ineffective at controlling fleas. Our program is so effective at stopping the fleas before they reach your pet, you may not need to administer the flea control pills at all.

In order to receive our guaranteed 3-treatment flea program you do not have to be on the mosquito program. This is not a prerequisite of program participation. However, if you are one of our Mosquito Squad customers it is more economical because we bill the flea program as an add-on service. Which means when we treat the lawn for mosquitoes we also treat for fleas. Within this same application we will also treat for adult ticks. They always say happiness comes in threes!

We can also treat for fleas inside the house if necessary. This can be rugs, pet bedding or your favorite couch or chair. You will have to allow sufficient time to  dry before you let pets or family back on it. It doesn’t stain. We only do it if pets have brought fleas inside.

Flea activity is more prevalent during warm weather. With spring just a few short weeks away now is the time to schedule a flea free season for you, your family and your pet. Contact Mosquito Squad of Columbia today to learn more.