Mosquito Squad of Columbia Discusses the Key to Complete Control Over Termites

The key to gaining control over termites at your home or business is understanding how termites operate. Termites are eusocial insects which means they divide labor among castes and produce overlapping generations in order to take care of their young. Termites are random foragers and are also blind. Because they are blind they seek out food sources for the colony using thermal shadowing. The termite’s ability to detect temperature gradients allows them to verify food sources quickly and accurately. This could include their ability to detect a fallen tree in a clearing or in your yard.  Worker termites leave the colony to find a viable food source for the colony and in doing so they leave a pheromone trail to lead the colony directly to the found food source.

The Midlands area of South Carolina lies in one of the most heavily termite infested regions in the nation. Mosquito Squad of Columbia provides total termite control solutions. This starts with comprehensive inspection and reporting which includes on-site home inspection with LED imaging. We also use both bait stations and termiticide applications to fight these wood destroying pests. The course of treatment we recommend depends heavily on the termite activity you are experiencing and also the age and termite history of your particular home. Effective termite treatment does not fall into a “one size fits all” category. One home may only require bait stations and another may require a more intensive treatment such as liquid termiticide.

Termiticides: the active approach to treating termites

Liquid termiticides, hands-down, offer the best level of termite treatment. The termiticide Mosquito Squad of Columbia uses works on both Formosan and Subterranean termites. Termites ingest the termiticide not even knowing it’s there. They then carry the termiticide back to the colony. They unwittingly distribute the termiticide throughout the colony which eventually destroys the entire colony.

Bait Stations: double trouble for the termites lurking around the perimeter of your home

Homes with no history of termite activity may be better candidates for bait stations over that of a home that is older and has experienced previous termite activity. Modern bait stations are very effective at keeping the termite away from your structure.

Bait stations target the termites that may be lurking in the ground around your structure. Termites only burrow about 4-6 inches below the ground and our modern bait station are loaded with a cellulose product as well as termiticide which will kills the termites. The bait stations of yesteryear only monitored termite activity and required follow-up with a liquid termiticide to keep the termites from penetrating the alert system set forth by the stations. Our stations provide both. Our bait stations begin protecting your home the moment they are put into place.

Mosquito Squad of Columbia is offering a thorough termite Inspection of your home or business.  Using state-of-the-art LED camera and video technology, we are able to show you images of what the technician actually observes. This allows us to recommend the solutions to protect your structure. We will show you images of these areas so you can make a more informed decision regarding prevention, treatment, and repairs. Our service also costs about 40% less than the big named termite companies in our area.

Your home is likely to be the single-biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Our termite service can ensure that your home is protected against the damages inflicted by termites.