A Mild Winter Means More Bugs This Spring & Summer in the South

All across the country this year we have seen some of the mildest and warmest winters on record.  South Carolina in general is a warm state that has experienced mild winters on a regular basis throughout our state’s history. On average we have had 13.7 days of temperatures above 70 degrees during the winter months over the past 124 years. This year however, we had 15 days of 70+ degree temperatures from 12/01 to 2/29, according to The Southeast Regional Climate Center.  This type of winter sets a precedent in our history The average median for Columbia to get temperature readings of 20 degrees and below is 23.4 days. This winter Columbia only had 11.  The last winter on record for Columbia, S.C. that had 11 or fewer days in the 20’s was in 1974. With the premature arrival of warmer weather, factored in with an all-around milder than mild Winter, South Carolina needs to get prepared for the onslaught of hungry insects since the populations will be higher due to the lack of freezing conditions over the winter.

As this mild South Carolina winter shifts into early spring, many insects are ending their hibernation early.  You may already see a problem arising in your neighborhood with fire ants due to the early end to hibernation. Many insects that are in an egg or larval state wait for the weather to warm to emerge. This means that flies and mosquitoes should be showing up earlier than usual this spring due to warmer temperatures and warmer water temperatures as well.

With a larger and earlier population of insects, we also run a greater risk of contracting insect-borne illness. A lengthier insect season is to blame. This includes mosquito-borne illness, tick-borne illness and flea-borne illness. Ourselves, our families and our pets are more at risk with a longer warm season.

You may ask what you can do to prevent these “early risers” from ruining the beauty and fun of enjoying the outdoors this season. There are many things that you can do to discourage falling prey to the bugs. When it comes to mosquitoes, keeping your property free of standing water that could serve as a breeding ground is essential. Also, as with all insects, keeping your property free of debris and mowed will serve as a deterrent. Having your property treated by a licensed professional is crucial to eradicating a problem before it becomes out of control. Having your yard treated for insects will also keep your yard free of the pests for the season and give you a chance to enjoy the warm evening breezes and the sun on your face during this glorious time.

The good news is that Mosquito Squad of Columbia can treat your property to protect against mosquitoes, fire ants, fleas, ticks, spiders and flies. Our formulas are affordable, safe and highly effective. We also take special precautions to ensure beneficial insects and pollinators such as honeybees are not harmed in any manner.

Remember that a season with no bites, means no worries. Contact us today to learn more.

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