Reduce West Nile Carrying Mosquitoes from Your Yard by Calling Mosquito Squad

If you’ve watched the news in the last few days or even weeks, you’ve probably heard the mentioning of West Nile virus. Most recently, according to a recent article on The State, “West Nile virus has been found in downtown Columbia bird”. While the virus hasn’t been found in a person as of yet, it’s certainly concerning. While you can’t control the entire city’s mosquito population, you can call the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Columbia to control it 
within your yard.

To be precise, a deceased bird was found at the corner of Sumter and Hampton streets in downtown Columbia. An area that’s ripe with homes, businesses and nighttime hangout locations. The reason for the concern is that West Nile is transmitted from birds to mosquitoes, then mosquitoes are capable of transmitting the virus to those upon which they feed. It’s caused enough concern for city officials to set mosquito traps within the downtown area in order to test them for West Nile.

Now, this is absolutely not a reason to panic. Every summer we hear someone talk about West Nile virus and we go about our business. The one thing you can do is to remain proactive. Simply following the T’s of Mosquito Control can reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes breeding within your yard. The most effective option is to call local mosquito control experts. Our highly effective barrier application will knock down mosquitoes within your yard and eliminate those that land in it after. In fact, we can reduce the mosquito population within your yard by up to 90%.

In addition to reducing mosquito activity within your yard by 90%, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we have applied our barrier application and you’re still outside being bitten, simply call us and we will promptly return to apply another batch of our extremely effective solution at no additional charge. Say Good Riddance to Mosquitoes. That’s our motto and we take it extremely seriously. Call Mosquito Squad of Columbia today at (803) 219-8621.