Man's Best Friend Can Get Lyme Disease Too

Many pet owners are not aware that their beloved best friend is susceptible to getting Lyme disease from ticks. Lyme disease affects many mammals, including humans and their dogs. Lyme disease is quite different in the way it manifests itself among each species infected. Humans with progressive Lyme disease can develop neurological problems and heart problems, whereas Lyme disease in dogs can sometimes lead to arthritis and kidney disease. Lyme disease in dogs, as it is with human infection, also can show no signs at all. When symptoms do present themselves in many cases with canine Lyme disease,  they are misdiagnosed as  joint and inflammation disorders. This is why among many veterinarians Lyme is called the great pretender.

Symptoms to alert you that something may be wrong vary from dog to dog. These can include stiffness in their back, curved or arched back, unusual gait, fever, lack of appetite, difficulty breathing, and depression.

A simple blood test is  used to detect tick-borne blood diseases and heartworms in your dog. Keep in mind that although Lyme disease can be debilitating to your pooch, many dogs that have the disease never even show any signs of distress.  Research shows that younger dogs are more prone to contracting Lyme than older, more mature dogs but they aren’t certain why this is the case.  No two cases of Lyme disease will present themselves in the same way, it affects each dog differently. For instance, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, as well as Bernese Mountain dogs are more likely to contract kidney disease from Lyme. Since the disease is as perplexing as it is changing, taking measures to keep your dog tick-free is the most important priority.

Keep you dog on a regular schedule of oral or topical tick control. You and your veterinarian can discuss which product is best for your dog. Along with this, keeping your property and areas your dog frequents clean and free of debris is very important. Ticks like thickets, brush piles and tall grass. Have your property treated by a licensed professional to kill and control ticks in your backyard and property. Routinely check your dog when entering a non-treated area to make sure no ticks were picked up on his fur. Implementing a tick tube program on your property is another effective way to prevent ticks from getting on you, your family and your dog. Our barrier sprays used in unison with tick tubes protect your property from ticks all season long.

Making these tick-safety tips routine can greatly reduce your dog’s chance of getting Lyme disease. Our pets are part of the family and our beloved friends. Mosquito Squad of Columbia treats your property throughout the season to safeguard you and your dog from ticks. We are dog lovers too! Your dogs health and happiness is important to us. Pets make our lives richer and more rewarding and are worthy of being protected from ticks season after season.

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your family and your pets from tick-borne illnesses and disease. Our applications are safe for use around pets and people too! We also specialize in controlling other pests like mosquitoes, fire ants, fleas, spiders and flies. Call us today for a free quote.