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Lyme Disease is on the Rise, Defend Against it With Fredericksburg Tick Control

tick on leaf

Have you begun to make plans for the outdoor living season? Spring and summer weather is finally here, and we can finally emerge from our winter hideouts to enjoy the best climate conditions our region has to offer. We have much to look forward to. From hanging out in our yard to hosting gatherings with family and friends, the outdoors beckon us outside to spend time basking in the wonderful weather. However, we aren’t the only creatures that plan to enjoy the summer, and not all are friendly. Ticks, for example, are beginning to wake from their winter slumbers and begin to feed and grow their numbers. This is concerning for various reasons. Ticks are parasites, and they depend on the blood of other animals to provide nutrients. Hundreds of years ago, humans nearly drove ticks to extinction to due deforestation practices and the elimination of local wildlife, but times have changed. Restored habitat and increasing animal populations have led to a dramatic turn of fortune for these tiny arachnids, and their increasing numbers have even drawn the concern of researchers. Due to their feeding habits, ticks are highly unsanitary and freely pass diseases from victim to victim. Unfortunately, humans are included on the menu.

More so each year, ticks are found in great numbers in residential areas where people frequent, including in our backyards. Fortunately, contracting a tick-borne disease in our region is relatively rare, but there is still reason to be concerned. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States, and 300,000 people are estimated to become infected with it each year. Notoriously hard to diagnose due to its generic symptoms, chronic Lyme disease is relatively common, and such cases can lead to severe health consequences. Chronic Lyme disease can lead to joint swelling and pain, tremors, respiratory infections, difficulty remembering things, and more. The risks of catching the disease are huge, so make sure you take no chances this summer. Tick control is essential for the outdoor living season.

Fredericksburg tick control from the professionals

Since 2005, Mosquito Squad has worked tirelessly to defend customers from ticks and their various diseases. We offer comprehensive tick treatments courtesy of our barrier protection mist, which is guaranteed to deliver up to a 90% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. Tick treatments are also available in our natural formula, which works against mosquitoes as well! With a reapplication every 2-3 weeks, you can stay defended against these nasty creatures throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Lyme disease is nothing to mess with, but ticks are no match for Mosquito Squad of Central Virginia. Fredericksburg tick control is powerful and is guaranteed to have incredible results! Give us a call at (804) 409-4746.