Precipitation and Warmer Temperatures Means More Mosquitoes

As we cycle through our regular routine of irregular weather, you’re most likely wondering what the impact will be on the local mosquito and tick population. Well, it’s not great news. In fact, the more precipitation we receive, the more the mosquito population is likely to increase. Additionally, while it has been chilly and downright cold as of late, it hasn’t been cold enough to get rid of the tick population. So, be proactive and call Mosquito SQUAD of Central Illinois to apply our protective barrier solution before the mosquito swarm arrives. Call today at 217-516-3141!

Mosquitoes biting a person.

Being proactive against mosquitoes and ticks in your yard is the smartest course of action. Our mosquito control barrier application is most effective when it’s applied prior to the peak of the mosquito season. Through the consistent applications put down on your property, there will be a residual effect, further ensuring the mosquito and tick population in your yard is dramatically reduced.

While you may feel as though recent colder temperatures have thwarted the mosquito population in Springfield, IL, and surrounding areas, we won’t be so lucky. The standing water across hundreds of thousands of lawns and other areas will surely result in a surge of the mosquito population; this is especially true once warmer temperatures are here to stay on a consistent basis.

Tick on skin

So, what to do? Simple – just Alert The SQUAD! We recommend signing up for season-long mosquito and tick control for your yard to ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy your yard all year long! We will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard and even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are in our mosquito and tick control solution.

To find out why Mosquito SQUAD of Central Illinois is the most trusted mosquito and tick control company in Central Illinois, call us today at 217-516-3141 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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