Why Protecting Your Backyard Is Actually One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health Right Now

A picture of outdoor living

100 years ago, America was facing a similar situation that we are seeing now, but instead of COVID-19, it was the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Public gatherings were discouraged, panic spread with the virus, doctors and scientists were searching for a vaccine, a cure, anything, but there was a helpful solution most of us have forgotten and are overlooking now.

There is scientific support that a combination of fresh air and sunlight can actually strengthen immune systems and provide a natural disinfectant.

In 1918, some doctors actually treated severely ill flu patients outside and it was called the Open Air Treatment. They discovered this helpful treatment tool by observing the common denominator of severely ill soldiers: almost all the soldiers who were in the worse shape, had been in poorly ventilated areas like ships and overcrowded barracks. Moving sick patients outside actually proved to help fight other illnesses and respiratory diseases including tuberculosis. It was even common practice to leave hospital windows open day and night to help patients improve.

Plus, they found the doctors and nurses treating sick patients were less likely to contract the illness when the patients were treated with the Open Air method.

So, while your kids can’t go to school, you can’t go to events, and you just want to stay at home, get outside and get into the sunlight. While your quarantined from public places and gatherings, don’t quarantine yourself from your own backyard!

Enjoy your backyard while it’s crucial to get outdoors. Keep the pests away and call us to see what you can be doing to keep the bugs away as it gets warmer.