Cape Cod's Most Effective Flea and Tick Control

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad wants you to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about the threat that fleas and ticks pose to your family and pets. Our proven approach to flea and tick prevention will protect your family and allow you to take back your backyard.

The Flea and Tick Threat

Flea and tick bites can be annoying and painful, particularly for your pets. However, fleas and ticks also present a real potential danger to your family and pets. These pests can be carriers of a variety of diseases that can affect all members of your family — the furry, four-legged ones included. Fleas and ticks can spread 13 serious “Lyme like” diseases, tapeworms, skin dermatitis and other illnesses.

Our Flea and Tick Prevention Services

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad puts an end to unwanted flea and tick infestations on your property with a two-step treatment process. First, our team uses a barrier treatment that eliminates existing flea and tick populations from your yard. This treatment also prevents any laid eggs from hatching. After treating, our team will install tick tubes around the perimeter of your property. These tubes contain the materials that mice use to build their nests; because ticks and fleas feed on mice, this treatment effectively targets potential future flea and tick infestations.

Enjoy Your Yard Again

Cape Cod Mosquito Squad will provide you with protection throughout flea and tick season, removing any concerns that you may have about your flea and tick infestation recurring. Our team will continue to perform maintenance on your yard, reapplying the barrier treatment and replacing your tick tubes as needed. You, your family and your pets will be able to enjoy backyard barbecues without worry about the health risks posed by fleas and ticks.

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