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Does the Government Control Mosquitoes in Bergen County?

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Humans have gained a healthy respect for dangerous animals around the world, but there are some organisms that slip under our defense radar. Despite their horrible reputation in Africa and Asia, mosquitoes have yet to strike fear into the minds of most people in North America. Such disregard is slowly changing, however. Our earth is becoming warmer, and the historical territory of mosquitoes, especially those that can carry diseases, is inexorably creeping northwards. An unfortunate result of such expansion is that mosquito-borne diseases are being detected with greater frequency across the nation, and not enough news coverage is addressing the rise in cases. Although news coverage may be insufficient, your local government is probably aware, and they are taking steps to protect the public from life-altering diseases. Bergen County knows of the dangers mosquitoes pose to human health, and has implemented mosquito control measures across the region to defend its residents. So, what does mosquito control look like at this level, and is it sufficient to protect you and your family?

Is Bergen County mosquito control enough?

Fortunately for those living in Bergen County, mosquito control is provided by the government, yet there are shortcomings with this method. Firstly, though, let’s dig into what is provided by county-wide mosquito control. As with many kinds of mosquito control, Bergen County tries to limit mosquito populations by eliminating breeding areas and larval mosquitoes. The most obvious asset for breeding mosquitoes is standing water, and this is where you will often find mosquito larva. If you’ve never seen one or haven’t recognized one, a larval mosquito looks like a tiny shrimp in the water and it will wiggle and jerk around with rapid movements inside its aquatic nursery. Ideally, mosquito control targets larvae instead of adults because killing mosquitoes that are mobile and airborne is far more difficult. Only in cases of serious infestations will county mosquito control attempt to remove adult mosquito populations.

Bergen County mosquito control also aims to remove mosquito breeding habitat by unclogging waterways and drainage areas, which often turn into warm cesspools that are ideal for raising mosquitoes.

Bergen county mosquito control with Mosquito Squad

The efforts of government-run mosquito control get results, but it isn’t enough to fully defend your property. Fortunately, you have Mosquito Squad for all your Bergen County mosquito control needs.

At Mosquito Squad, we deal with the specific mosquito issues affecting your property. Using our border protection treatment, which comes in our original and naturalformulas, we create an invisible barrier along your property’s perimeter that will reduce the mosquito population in your yard by up to 90%. In addition, we target areas of your yard that are suspected mosquito breeding grounds to bring you further protection. We offer plans that include treatments every 2 or 3 weeks, though we strongly recommend ultimate protection every 2 weeks. With a single treatment every 14 days, you greatly reduce your chances of mosquito encounters, and you won’t need to worry as much about the growing numbers of mosquito-borne diseases.

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