Professional Tick Control for Your Shutesbury, MA Yard

tick on leaf

As you are more than likely aware, ticks are the primary cause of Lyme disease incidents. This is especially true in the northeastern United States and even more so in the New England area. If you’re concerned about ticks in your Shutesbury, MA, yard, then all you have to is Alert the Squad at (508) 388-5640!

tick on leaf

In fact, the primary tick in our area that has the public most concerned is the infamous Deer Tick (blacklegged tick). This is the most prominent tick in our area and the number one transmitter of Lyme disease. Make sure your yard isn’t a tick or mosquito haven by simply alerting the tick control experts at Mosquito Squad of Worcester.

We have different levels of tick protection for your yard. Our traditional barrier protection will reduce your yard’s mosquito and tick population by up to 90%. We even offer intensive tick control that includes the utilization of tick tubes. As the premier tick control company in Shutesbury, MA, and surrounding areas, you can count on us for all your backyard tick control needs.

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At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we believe that you should be able to enjoy your yard no matter what time of day or year it is. That’s precisely why we invented the barrier protection treatment. If you would like to enjoy your yard all summer long without having to worry about what’s lurking in your yard, then call Mosquito Squad of Worcester for a free estimate on tick control.

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Remember, ticks are highly prevalent in the New England area. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be prevalent in your yard. Count on a company you can trust that has been providing mosquito control and tick control to residential and commercial customers since 2005!

To find out more about Mosquito Squad of Worcester’s incredibly effective tick control solutions for your Shutesbury, MA, yard, call us today at (508) 388-5640 or fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!