2022 Massachusetts Tick Forecast

tick on yellow leaf

After a long and cold winter, we can finally start to think about what activities we can get up to this summer. The warmer months in Massachusetts are hard to match, and there is so much to do once the winter chill fades. From basking on your lawn to spending time on nature trails, the possibilities abound in our region. However, we aren’t the only organism that thrives when warmer weather returns. Unfortunately for us, a host of pests typically emerges just as the weather begins to turn, creating a roadblock to our outdoor living experience. Mosquitoes are one of the pests people think of most often due to their persistent attempts to suck blood, but there are other creatures that are not just annoying, they’re dangerous.

If you’re wondering what organisms we might be referencing, ticks are your answer. Throughout the Northeast, ticks have seen their populations explode on an annual basis, creating a potential health crisis as a result. Ticks are responsible for the spread of Lyme disease, the most common tick-borne disease in the United States. According to estimates, around 470,000 people in the U.S. contract the disease every year. Why can we only estimate? Lyme disease is very hard to diagnose because its symptoms mimic those of the common cold and various other common illnesses. Due to diagnosis difficulties, chronic Lyme disease is not uncommon, and the disease can spread to the joints, heart, and nervous system over time. As you can imagine, the consequences of a chronic Lyme disease infection can be severe, so it is vitally important to stay aware of what’s going on during the tick season.

How does the tick season look this year? Although research indicated that this season could be very bad, the cooler spring we had may have slowed the rate of tick reproduction and, therefore, the rate of tick-borne disease transmission. We still have a long way to go, but the cooler spring may have done us a favor in the fight against ticks. However, it is important to remain wary – there are still a lot of ticks around!

Charlton tick control is the answer to your tick problem

Ticks are going to be bad this year and for the foreseeable future, but there are real solutions to the tick problem. Since 2005, Mosquito Squad has worked tirelessly to defend our area against ticks and their various diseases. Using our barrier protection spray, which is ideally applied every two weeks, we can guarantee a dramatic reduction in the tick population on your property. Lyme disease and ticks don’t belong anywhere near you, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Ticks are going to be bad this year, but there’s no need to panic. With Charlton tick control from Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we can ensure you’re defended against ticks at all times. Give us a call at (508) 388-5640.