Don't Allow Bugs to Dampen Your Fall Outdoor Living

Labor Day has come and gone, and now we’re fast approaching fall. School has now begun along with the daily grind of keeping up with routines, homework and the end of summer vacation has come to fruition. However, this doesn’t mean outdoor activities are over with. Quite the contrary, fall weather in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas is absolutely perfect for outdoor living.

If you have children here in Worcester, they undoubtedly are aching to go outdoors after a long day of school (after they’ve completed their homework, of course). Keep in mind, however, that there are still mosquitoes and ticks waiting for their next blood meal. Our temperatures have cooled off from the heat of the summer, but it’s not cold enough to significantly reduce mosquitoes and definitely not cold enough to slow ticks down. Just because school’s back in, the pool is closed down for the summer and the evenings are a little cooler, don’t forget that mosquito and tick control is still extremely important.

In addition to your children’s’ outdoor living during the fall, what about you and other adults? Do you plan on having evening get-togethers? What about tailgating for a football game? If you’re planning on having guests over for game day, then don’t you want to ensure that they’re not literally itching to leave due to the insect population within your yard? At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, we believe you should be able to enjoy your yard no matter what time of day or year it is. Don’t allow pesky mosquitoes and potentially dangerous ticks spoil your fall outdoor living. Take your yard back!

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