Keep Lyme Disease Carrying Ticks Out of Your Yard by Calling Mosquito Squad of Worcester!

If you’re looking forward to enjoying your Worcester, MA, area yard this summer but are wary of the mosquitoes and ticks that may be lurking, call Mosquito Squad of Worcester today! Through our highly-effective barrier application, we can reduce the mosquito and tick population within your yard by up to 85-90%. It’s important to note, the peak time of year for Lyme disease cases reported is right now, specifically in the months of June and July. Through a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one, you and your family can enjoy your yard this summer without the worry of ticks and mosquitoes.

At Mosquito Squad of Worcester, our number one focus is to make your yard a mosquito and tick free zone. We offer a 100% guarantee and will settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. We understand how incredibly important tick control is here in Worcester, MA, and surrounding areas and want to be the company you turn to with complete confidence in ridding your yard of ticks and mosquitoes.

To find out how effective Mosquito Squad of Worcester is at removing potential disease carrying ticks, call us today at F:P:Sub:Phone}, email us at or fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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