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Mosquito Season Has Arrived in Wilmington, NC

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While temperatures as of late wouldn’t make you think that we’re in the second week of spring, we, in fact, are. That means we’ll see signs of mosquito activity springing up all across the Wilmington area in practically no time at all. Make sure your yard is protected from annoying, biting mosquitoes all season long by calling Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today at 910-427-5920!

Through our highly effective mosquito control barrier protection, we’ll reduce the mosquito¬†population in your yard by up to 85% - 90%. Furthermore, unlike other mosquito control companies in Wilmington, our barrier protection will continue to eliminate mosquitoes on contact for up to 21 days after the initial application. Even better, our microencapsulated solution will adhere to the foliage in your yard and is resistant to rainwater once it has dried (usually takes 30 minutes after initial application).

There’s a reason we’re the guaranteed mosquito control company in Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas since 2005 – we are America’s original mosquito control company. We’ve been helping customers take their yard back from mosquitoes and other biting pests since 2005. Make sure to call your local mosquito control experts now to get a head start on the mosquito population in your yard.

All-Natural Mosquito Control in Wilmington, NC

If you thought the only “natural” solution to mosquito control in your yard was to fire up as many citronella candles as you could find, we have great news! Mosquito Squad of Wilmington also offers all-natural mosquito protection for your yard. Our all-natural mosquito control acts more as a deterrent and repellent to mosquitoes, as opposed to an eliminator and is effective for up to 14 days after the initial treatment.

Take advantage of our all-natural mosquito control option today. It’s important, especially when it comes to ensuring your yard is mosquito free all season long, to be proactive. That’s why we highly recommend signing up for season long mosquito control today, while the mosquito population isn’t in full swing.

Make sure to rely on the local mosquito control experts in Wilmington, NC. We’ll keep your yard mosquito free all spring, summer and fall. If you’d like to sign up for season long mosquito control, simply call us at 910-427-5920, email us at or fill out our form, here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!