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Get the Kids Outside by Treating your Wilmington and Myrtle Beach Back Yard for Mosquitoes and Ticks

Kids eating watermelon outside

Celebrating the end of another Carolina school year is a wonderful moment for every kid, every year. But for every parent, that feeling is definitely bitter-sweet. While you’re happy to have them home, for many it quickly becomes a constant struggle to get them to do anything that doesn’t involve a screen or sleeping.

At the beginning of summer you think “this summer is going to be different” standing your ground and shoving the kids out into the fresh Myrtle Beach air. By the time Fourth of July hits you’re lucky if they last five minutes before moping in the door complaining about heat, boredom and mosquitoes. You have thrown in the towel, and since you don’t even want to go outside, how are you going to convince them that spending most of the day outside is a good idea?

A Coastal Carolina Summer

Don’t let the mosquitoes be the reason your children abandon the swimming pool or playground you added to the yard for their amusement. Being on the coast, the constant humidity and moisture is a perfect mosquito haven, often driving your children indoors. It is summer; the kids should be running around outside being silly, swimming, having water fights, drinking Kool-aid and just being kids. What would a Wilmington NC summer be without screaming kids running around the neighborhood all day? With Mosquito Squad of Wilmington’s traditional barrier treatment we can eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard.

Still not convinced you need to take action to get your kids to spend more time outside? According to the Harvard Medical School there are many more benefits to being outside than just the obvious “it’s fun”. Activating the process that “leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D,” sun exposure has a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Vitamin D can help lower the risk for certain conditions such as depression, heart attacks, Osteoporosis and Cancer. The mental gain is well-known as sun exposure wards off a type of depression commonly known as “cabin fever”.

Given all of the benefits of being outside, do you really want to give in to the mosquitoes and other pests? The Harvard Health article also points to a study by British researchers that discovered that kids are doubly active when they are outside. Double the activity! Kick them off the couch, take away their smart phones, the time for vegging out is over — send them out there to get moving and get the Vitamin D flowing.

Lead By Example

The most successful way to get your kids in the habit of doing something is by doing it yourself. If you get outside more, they will get outside more. That means eliminating those mosquitoes and planning care-free, pest-free outdoor activities for during the day and in the evening. At Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach our barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact. With its time-released formula it lasts for up to three weeks. So get rid of the mosquitoes and get outside; go fishing, biking, kayaking, swimming, gardening and have a family water fight. Your children will benefit from the exercise and sun exposure, but more importantly they will have a great summer – always remembering how much fun they had with you.