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Rio's Biggest Winners Started as Children with Big Dreams

The Olympics… they empower us all, don’t they? It’s day 8 of 17, and the US has won 40 medals already. As Michael Phelps added the 22nd Olympic medal of his career, every American felt like they too stood just a little taller for a moment. And we can learn a little about how to face our most stressful days from the Final Five. As Aly Raisman tells us “we should carry ourselves that way, not be scared and shaky because we have that pressure. It should be the opposite. You know, you walk in like you’re number one and I think that’s intimidating to everyone else."Their new spot on the front of the Special K Box says her theory is working.

One to Watch

All of our Olympic athletes have been working for years to get to their place in Rio. Gymnast, Simone Biles is the perfect example. Born in 1997, she taught herself to do back flips off her mailbox before her first gymnastics class. And then, as a 6-year-old on a field trip to a gym, it seems she had that life changing moment. She started by trying the same twists and flips as the older girls she had seen, began formal training, found a coach…and as they say, “the rest is history.” Not just history, but history in the making. This 4 foot 9 inch 19-year-old has 14 world championship medals, the most ever won by an American woman. This year in Rio she has won the gold for the Women’s team all-around and Women’s individual all-around. We will be watching Simone Biles do great things for many years to come.

And Still There is Zika

Zika in Brazil and Zika in America: The mosquito-borne illness is not out of the news. It doesn’t seem to have cast the awful shadow on the Olympics that people may have been afraid of a few months ago, but the reality of the effects on unborn children is still something to be concerned about. Young couples are watching the Olympics, feeling that sense of empowerment, and wondering if they could have their own budding Michael Phelps or Simone Biles one day, need to protect themselves from the harm a single mosquito bite can bring an unborn child.

Protect your family, those already here and yet to come, by eliminating mosquitoes from your yard.