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Your Questions about Bees Answered

A picture of bees

Many of our customers have questions regarding bees. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions with answers for you!

If my neighbors have beehives, can I still receive treatment?

  • Yes, you are able to receive treatment! We do not treat blooming foliage; honey bees often look for pollen up to 3 miles from their hives in search of food. If you see a bee in your yard, it may not always be from a neighbor’s hive.

If I have my property treated for mosquitoes and I notice a dead bee or bees, could it be from the treatment?

  • Not necessarily, there are many factors involved in seeing a dead bee or bees on your property. Parasites and predators will often cause the death of bees. The healthiest colonies will still endure bees dying every single day without interaction with any pesticides.

How will Mosquito Squad help protect pollinators to include bees on my property?

  • Our technicians are highly-trained by Mosquito Squad management to identify where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. Our technicians are also highly-trained where to avoid treating to help protect pollinators such as bees.


Here at Mosquito Squad, we have highly trained staff to answer your questions and concerns about beneficial insects and your treatments. If you have further questions, we are a call away!