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Spring is Upon Us and Adult Ticks are Too

Ticks are out in St. Louis

When you think about the bugs that bug you in warm weather, you probably think that they don’t begin to show up until late-April or May as it gets warm. When it comes to ticks, that isn’t really how it works. While it’s true that nymph ticks do begin to hatch in spring and start looking for their first blood meal of the season in May, the adult ticks have been here all along. Ticks don’t die in winter. In fact, if the temperatures are above freezing and there is no snow on the ground, female adult ticks are moving, and they are looking for a blood meal. You don’t want that meal to be you.

Take Time for Spring Clean Up

Spring cleaning isn’t just an indoor habit. Sure the closets need it, but so do your property lines and bushes because this is where ticks love to live. The 6Cs of tick control remind us to clear out debris, clean out gutters, remove all the places that could become a tick habitat.

However, don’t try to take this task on alone. Professional treatment should be a big part of your spring clean up plan. The adult ticks that are already awake and moving around have had plenty of time to contract dangerous diseases. By choosing Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County’s barrier treatment, you can eliminate 90% of the adult ticks on your property. We begin tick treatment the second week of April, so the time to schedule is now. Then as the nymph ticks begin to hatch in May, your treatment service is in place and waiting to stop them in their tracks.

Watch Out for Ticks When You Leave Home Too

how to tick check

The process of being prepared for ticks really never stops. You need to treat your pets. Check with your vet about the flea and tick control that they recommend. It’s also important to dress properly for your time outdoors. Tuck pant legs in socks and wear long sleeves when you know you are in areas that are untreated for ticks. Also, the CDC recommended bug repellent should be a mainstay in your backpack.

When you come home, don’t forget the tick checks. For most tick-borne illnesses to transfer to a human, the tick has to be attached for 24-48 hours. Check every little nook and cranny for those buggers. Of course, it’s best not to bring them home, but if you do, there’s still time to get rid of them.

It’s up to you to be steadfast in the fight against ticks and the diseases they carry, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County is ready to be a part of making the majority of your work as simple as a phone call. Staying safe in trying times is on everyone’s minds now. When you are relaxing in the safe haven of your own yard, let us ease your mind about the pests that we can help control.