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Fall Tick Treatment in St. Louis Interrupts the Tick Life-Cycle for the Most Effective Tick Control

If you’ve seen a surge in ticks on your pets or in your St. Louis or St. Charles yard in the past few years, you are not alone. Ticks are on the move and rapidly spreading their populations into new territories. Not only are they gross and annoying, but they are also responsible for spreading dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases such as Lyme disease, Powassan, and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

Avoiding tick bites and following tick safety guides are important for lowering your risk for these dangerous infections, but there is more you can do. With our guaranteed tick control services, you can lower the population of ticks on your property by as much as 90%.

Fall is Tick Treatment Time

Controlling the tick population in your yard requires a two-pronged approach. We control the adult ticks with our popular barrier treatment, but we can also intercept developing ticks at the larval stage before they emerge as disease-spreading nymphs.

Tick Control Starts with the Tick Life Cycle

undefinedTicks have a four-stage life cycle; egg, larva, nymph, & adult. After they hatch from their eggs, they require a blood meal at each stage to survive and transform into the next stage.

Most ticks choose a different host at each life stage. Larva prefers smaller hosts like rodents or birds and then move on to larger hosts as they enter each new stage.

Typically, the larva will over-winter with a rodent in its den, emerging in early spring as a nymph tick looking for a larger host. Then in fall, adult female ticks are out looking for the blood meal required for them to lay eggs (thousands at a time).

While a tick can become infected with the various bacteria that cause disease at any life stage, the most commonly become infected as larval ticks nesting in dens with their mice hosts.

That is where we come in!

We provide treated nesting materials for mice to build their nests with our tick tube service. This material won’t harm the animal, but when a tick comes in contact it will perish. This tactic allows the elimination of the largest amount of ticks and importantly, before they emerge looking for larger hosts and spreading disease.

Adult Tick Control

While tick tubes do a great job at interrupting the tick life cycle and stopping generations of ticks from ever existing, it is important to eliminate the adult ticks as well. With females laying thousands of eggs at a time, each adult female eliminated is thousands more prevented.

When you hire us for tick control services, we don’t just apply tick tubes strategically around your yard, but we also treat heavily for adults. Our barrier treatment will eliminate up to 90% of adult ticks on your property. Our licensed technicians know all the hiding places such as along retaining walls and in the thicker brush on the edge of your lawn and will treat accordingly. We highly recommend signing up for the full season so we can treat for both the spring and fall tick wave while monitoring all summer long!

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