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Back-to-School in St. Louis is Prime Time for Stink Bugs and Spiders: But it Doesn’t Have to Be

At Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County, we have excellent pest control services for many outdoor insects. From mosquitoes and ticks to spiders and stink bugs, we have your outdoor pest control covered. In the late summer, most of the St. Louis and St. Charles areas become inundated with the re-emergence of stink bugs and spiders. We always associate the back-to-school time with stink bug control and spider control services which can help you enjoy your yard better as the late summer heat begins to dissipate.

Stink Bug Control

Our traditional barrier treatment does have some effect on stink bugs, but when a homeowner has a sting bug problem, we add a special ingredient that works even better on these pesky stinkers.

We do mist the perimeter of your yard like we normally do with mosquito control services, but we control stink bugs a little differently.

Since stink bugs love the warm (usually south-facing) side of your home, we spend more time treating the house and the landscape close to it. We’ll heavily treat the shrubs, your home’s foundation and about halfway up the side of your home’s first level. You’ll enjoy the immediate elimination of all currently present stink bugs as well as a residual effect for up to three weeks.

Spider Control

undefinedYou may have noticed more spiders and more webs around the exterior of your home in the last few weeks. Often, you’ll find the new webs in the morning stretching between porch columns, or up in the corner of your roofline. We can help!

We use a combination of our barrier treatment and a special additive for spider control. In addition to our normal perimeter mist, we treat the soffits and eves of your home. We also mist higher up in the trees close to your house, and we knock down cobwebs as high as 20 feet up. With our spider control services, you can say goodbye to the daily brooming of cobwebs off your front porch!

Back-to-School Outdoor Pest Control

As fall approaches we recommend our clients take full advantage of our spider control, stink bug control, and tick control, in addition to their regular mosquito services. Fall treatments can prevent winter infestations in the home and set the stage for a more enjoyable spring.

Call our dedicated team today to request a free quote for fall outdoor pest control services at your home or business.