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Who Can Spray My Yard for Mosquitoes in West St. Louis and St. Charles?


Are you looking for a reputable, knowledgeable, pest control expert to come to mist your yard for mosquitoes? Don’t choose just any general pest control company. Choose the mosquito experts at Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County.

Why is Mosquito Squad Your Best Choice for Backyard Mosquito Control?

The difference between Mosquito Squad and every other provider offering to mist for mosquitoes is quite significant. What you’ll get from The Squad:

  1. Mosquito Squad spraying yardAmerica’s Trusted Mosquito Treatment Company Since 2005.
  2. Expertise in all things mosquitoes and other annoying outdoor pests like spiders, gnats, and stink bugs.
  3. Highly-trained and licensed mosquito mist technicians.
  4. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  5. The originator of the Barrier Protection Treatment.
  6. As much as 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property.
  7. Custom mosquito control solutions for your unique property and mosquito challenge.
  8. Premium client communication and care.

Mosquito Squad was founded on the desire to help people take back their yards from the annoyance and danger of mosquito and tick bites. We are not a general pest control company that “can also treat for mosquitoes.” Mosquitoes are our focus.

We have the best process for applying the industry’s best mosquito barrier treatment solution. We've perfected our service with over 300,000 treatments in 15 years worldwide, and have been serving St. Louis for 10 years!

We blast the mosquito control solution around the entire perimeter of your property and around your outdoor living spaces. We cover the vegetation around your property where mosquitoes like to hang out the most, to increase its effectiveness. While mosquitoes are eliminated on contact when we mist, they also continue to be eliminated as they land where the treatment has been misted.

Our treatment dries completely within 30 minutes and the time-released formula allows it to continue to eliminate mosquitoes flying into your yard for up to three weeks!

If you’re looking for someone to mist your yard for mosquitoes in the West St. Louis and St. Charles areas, give us a call today for a free quote.