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The Best of Belleville Mosquito Control

A photo of an outdoor patio

You’ve probably found yourself at home a lot lately. It’s also quite possible that your backyard has become your new favorite restaurant—there are so many advantages to that. The menu can be what you want it to be, the bathrooms are always clean, and the service makes you feel like… well… family. The only problem is you’ve noticed that “The At Home, Backyard Cafe” has a bug issue. The flying, biting kind. Just when you thought sitting outside to dinner with the family was perfect. Mosquitoes! Now what?

Call In the Mosquito Control Experts

A photo of a mosquito Mosquitoes can be a problem, but not one that can’t be solved. If you want the best Belleville mosquito control, Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis is the only name you need. Mosquito control is important not just for the annoyance factor, but also because mosquitoes carry disease. By using our services, you are helping to rid the community of dangerous predators that come in tiny little packages. Every Mosquito Squad is locally owned so that means your community is our community. By calling us, we are working together to keep Belleville and the surrounding areas great places to live!

How Our Mosquito Control Treatment Works

First, we train our technicians. They know how to look at your yard, how to see where mosquitoes will land, what they will feed on. They observe the perimeter of your house and create a custom treatment plan based on the features of your yard. Next, they treatment our industry-leading product, and it eliminates existing mosquitoes on contact. However, that’s not the end of the protection our barrier treatment provides. For up to 3 weeks, the residue from each treatment will provide mosquito control as they land on the greenery in your yard. Our continuous mosquito control eliminates them and keeps the population at bay all season.

Customer Service and Social Responsibility

The fact that we provide amazing results isn’t the only reason to choose Mosquito Squad. Our environment is important to us, and we understand the importance of bees and other pollinators to the food chain; therefore, our technicians are trained to take care of them. We believe that’s part of our responsibility as well as our value. We also believe in the need to give back. Mosquito Squad has a partnership with Malaria No More, an organization that is working to end Malaria deaths caused by mosquito bites in Africa. Since 2012 we have raised over $450,000 for this cause. And as one of our customers, you become a part of that too.

At Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis, we guarantee our services and your happiness with our product. We have no doubts that after you use us once, you’ll never want to go a mosquito season without us, but if you aren’t happy, we are going to make it right. Because as Belleville’s Best Mosquito Control Company, that’s what we do: Provide great service. Guaranteed! Now back to that dinner at the “The At Home, Backyard Cafe.” Doesn’t it sound better with Mosquito Squad’s help? We thought so too. Call us today.