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The Benefits of Mosquito Special Event Spray for your Summer Gatherings

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day and every event in between, protect your guests from annoying mosquitoes and other insects.

St. Louis’ best mosquito control company provides one-time special event treatment whenever you need it. Our special event treatment is guaranteed to eliminate 90% of the mosquitoes in your event space and will lower the populations of more difficult to control outdoor pests such as flies, gnat, fleas, and ticks.

Special Event Mosquito Treatment that Works

weddingOur treatment works because we have the best product and the best method for special event application. What can you expect when you book a special event treatment?

Try to book us ahead of time. Ideally, we come out 2-3 days before your event. This gives the product time to really work and makes event planning and set up mosquito-free too!

When we treat for an event, we use a comprehensive mosquito control product and treatment method to make sure you can enjoy your event with annoying gnats and flies too! The product we use is our same great barrier treatment, but it also includes special additives that better control fleas, flies, and gnats.

Proven Event Treatment Method

When we treat for a special event, it is quite a different process from our traditional barrier treatment. Since mosquitoes like to hang out in the heavier brush, barrier treatment is applied to your perimeter and any shrubbery around your home. For special event treatment, we want to get rid of as many unwanted pests as possible. To do that, we treat the entire lawn of the event space. We also pay especially close attention to where flies might hang out (trash cans) and around the areas that will be most utilized to ensure extreme protection.

Our product adheres to all the vegetation it is misted on to protect your event all the way through from start to finish. While our treatment eliminates mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas, and gnats on contact, it continues working for days so you can enjoy every minute of your event from early set-up and right on through to the clean-up.

Event mist is not just for weddings. It is for every gathering. From Memorial Day to Independence Day and right on through to Labor Day, every backyard event should be mosquito free with help from Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County. Call today to schedule your event sprays for the year.

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