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St. Louis Memorial Day 2020: Finally, Time for a Family Gathering

Summer BBQ

We’ve stayed at home, we’ve sheltered in place, now we are ready (maybe) to see a few of our friends and family. There is real hope that Memorial Day can take us back to a slight sense of normal. This is the first hope for the possibility of a backyard BBQ, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. An occasion we’ve been dying to have, and let’s be honest, we sort of desperately need. However, we don’t need the mosquitoes to join us.

Mosquito Squad Event Sprays

A family at a BBQ

Getting excited about a social event means more than ever right now, and we know you want it to be perfect. You are busy planning just the right food, good music, and games. Nothing could be worse than putting all that effort into the planning to have your night ruined by a swarm of mosquitoes.

You are hoping for a night of laughter and knee-slapping, not repellent misting and bug swatting.

Mosquito Squad’s mosquito event treatment service is just what you need to make that happen. Trained technicians will come out and treatment our guaranteed mosquito barrier treatment and it will eliminate mosquitoes on contact and continue to work throughout the Memorial Day weekend. Mosquito problem solved!


Mosquito Squad Season-Long Mosquito Control Treatment

If you are thinking about ridding your yard of mosquitoes for one special day, you might think about ridding your yard of mosquitoes all season long.

After this outdoor gathering is a success and as we are able to do more things with friends and family, how long do you think it will be before you are ready to start planning the next one? Will you wait for the July 4th BBQ, or will you decide that little Jimmy can have a few friends over to run through the sprinkler and have popsicles just because it’s Saturday?

And even when you aren’t entertaining and it’s just you, a cup of coffee and the sounds of nature…do you REALLY want to invite the mosquitoes? Of course not.

That’s why our season-long mosquito treatment is such a great idea. Our technicians come out every three weeks. Each treatment is applied by our expert mosquito control technicians and will continue to work for up to three weeks. Once you set it up, just one time, we’ll automatically come back out to keep your yard treated all season long. You can continue to enjoy outdoors without another thought of mosquito control.

Sounds perfect, right?

Helping the Control the Spread of Disease

Unfortunately, sickness is something we’ve been talking about a lot lately. Mosquitoes spread diseases too. Not Covid-19, thankfully. Nevertheless, throughout time, they’ve been responsible for many lives lost.

The big difference in this conversation is that we have ways to control the spread, and that’s by eliminating the source—the Mosquitoes.

By starting your mosquito control services early in the season, you are fighting disease. Eliminating mosquitoes in May and June lowers the number of mosquitoes around in July and August. These are the months that the spread of the West Nile Virus and EEE are most likely. Just another reason to begin the fight to eliminate mosquitoes right now and continue throughout the summer into the fall.

The best thing about this fight is it’s not a fight for you at all. It’s a simple phone call. Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis does all the work, and you have all the fun. Maybe you are considering an event treatment, which is especially great for future, larger events, but why not consider letting us keep the mosquitoes away all season long? It’s best for extending the fun, for your comfort, and for everyone’s health. Call today to discuss your mosquito control options with our knowledgeable team.

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