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Is It Hot Out Here or Is It Just Me??

The sun during a late summer afternoon

Are you starting to think that someone forgot to tell Mother Nature it is September in Missouri? 80- and 90-degree days just don’t seem to be going anywhere! Maybe if she could just turn a fan on? What’s even worse is that for every second Mother Nature has forgotten to cool things down, the mosquitoes have flourished in another day of hot weather!

Exponential Mosquito Growth and a Warm Fall

As you are pulling out your pumpkins, ordering your first pumpkin spice latte, and dying to see if your favorite sweater still fits, you are probably finding yourself swatting at MORE mosquitoes not less. It just doesn’t make sense… except scientifically it really does.

Each female mosquito can lay eggs up to three times over the course of the summer and incubation times are quick (7-8 days from egg to adult). The warmer the weather the quicker the incubation. What that means is that as the summer progresses there are more mosquitoes having more mosquito babies and then those mosquitoes have more mosquito babies and so on and so forth. By the end of summer when we are thinking it's about time for bonfires, the mosquitoes are still having a full-on summer family bash and feeding on us. UGH!

A boy and his dogIt Is Not Too Late to Put Up A Fight

At Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis, we believe that the best way to fight mosquitoes is to start early and keep the population down all year, BUT that does not mean it’s too late. If you are fighting mosquitoes right now, then right now it is time to call in the professionals.

Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment eliminates as much as 90% of mosquitoes on contact. Just because you didn’t start earlier in the season does not mean that we can’t solve your mosquito problem now. With warmer weather lingering there’s still tons of outdoor fun to be had! Whether you love summer and are glad it’s sticking around a little longer or you are super ready for fall, now is the time to take control of the things you can, pest control, and accept the things that you can’t, the temperature. Give us a call at Mosquito Squad and let us do the leg work!

Thinking About Spring

Just one more thing: We have established that maybe you got on the mosquito control train a little late for this year, but if you start now that puts you at the front of the game for spring! Look at you being proactive!

Here’s a little hint about how the mosquito life cycle works: a female mosquito can lay eggs that make it all the way through winter, just waiting to bust out in spring. When it does finally cool off and temps hit about 50 degrees a female mosquito will lay her last batch of eggs and eventually die. Her eggs however will suspend their development and wait for it to warm up again. When spring begins that could be hundreds of mosquitoes from each egg raft ready to come to life! Nobody wants that. By getting rid of mosquitoes late in the season you can keep that final crop from being deposited and start your spring off on the right foot… mosquito free and prepared to keep up the good fight next season.

The bottom line is this: If you are fighting mosquitoes you need to call in the professionals. We are ready to help you end mosquito season on a high note and start next spring swinging! Mosquitoes know how to put up a fight to the very end, but at Mosquito Squad we know how to win! Call us today!

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