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Keep Your West Michigan Home and Yard Free of Mosquitoes this Spring by Calling Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore

After a long and cold winter, those that live in the West Michigan Lakeshore area will be excited when the calendar turns to April and the weather starts to warm up. While this can be a great time to get outside, the warm and rainy weather during this time of the year can start to attract mosquitoes to your yard. Not only are these mosquitoes annoying to deal with, but they can spread disease and cause painful bites. Fortunately, you can call Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore and schedule an appointment for their effective naturalmosquito misting service that will also focus on ensuring your landscaping is properly protected.

Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore Technicians are Careful Where Spraying

One of the reasons that you should call Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore is that they are very careful about where they stand and mist. The technicians here are aware of how much care your yard and garden need during spring. Due to this, they will always do their best to minimize the areas where they need to mist and walk. This can help ensure that your yard is disrupted as little as possible.

Additionally, the technicians are skilled at finding the source of the mosquito infestation, which tends to be in a corner of the yard that tends to pool water due to slow or poor drainage. They will then focus on misting these areas and can also offer the guidance you need to prevent infestations from coming back.

Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore Offers Natural Spraying Services

A common concern that anyone is going to have when they are a property owner with mosquitos is that any misting service can cause health hazards or damage to their plants. While it is important to be cautious about anything that is misted in your yard, you will be happy to know that Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore uses a natural solution that is both effective and safe.

The naturalmist used by Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore is made up of natural essential oils. These essential oils are effective at controlling and getting rid of a mosquito infestation but are also safe for your pets and people of all ages to be around. Further, it is not hazardous for plants, which can ensure your yard and garden will continue to look great after the service.

If you are experiencing an infestation of mosquitoes in your West Michigan Lakeshore area, you will want to call the team with Mosquito Squad of West MI Lakeshore by calling 616-426-6776. When you call the team here, they can answer your questions about their naturalmosquito misting service and even schedule a home consultation and service. This can be a great first step when it comes to getting rid of mosquitos in your yard.