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Stink Bugs Stink

Stink Bug

The invasive pests known as stink bugs are not harmful to humans or pets, nor do they bite. What are stink bugs? They are predators of insects and plants and have a lifespan of 6-8 months. Therefore, they can and usually do cause a lot of damage to plants and crops. In addition to their damage, when inside your home their odor is overwhelming. The stink bug has one method of defense- releasing an odor. If stink bugs get into your home, they can produce strong and pungent odors if they are squashed or vacuumed up. 

Some people can have allergic reactions to the compounds these stink bugs release. The symptoms can present as runny noses. If direct contact is made with crushed stink bugs, these symptoms can also include dermatitis. If stink bugs do end up finding refuge inside your home, there is good news. They do not lay their eggs indoors. Their eggs are laid outdoors on the underside of leaves in clumps of 20-30. They are not plant specific as to where they lay their eggs. Avoid the stinky stink bug from invading your home.

Call the leading experts at Mosquito Squad of Waukesha County & Milwaukee North Shore. It's time to stop this common Fall Invader as they seek shelter looking for a warm place to hide.  

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