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Why a full season of treatments?

The mosquito problem in Wisconsin will always exist, BUT there are things you can do to minimize their annoying stings.  Our 21 day barrier treatment program is effective across the country in eliminating 85-90% of the mosquito population and even higher when applied for the full season.  Here are a few reasons why you should use Mosquito Squad for a full season of protection this year:

How bad can this mosquito season be?  We’ve had a mild and wet winter which is perfect for mosquito life cycle.  Female mosquito lays egg rafts that consist of up to 300 eggs. These eggs can lay dormant on your property for up to 7 years, hatch in as little as 1-5 days and development to adult in as quickly as a week.  Let’s see the damage one egg raft can cause

1st Generation Female Mosquito = 300 Mosquitoes (150 Females)                                        

2nd Generation 150 Female Mosquitoes = 45,000 Mosquitoes (22,500 Females)             

3rd Generation 22,500 Females Mosquitoes 6,750,000 Mosquitoes (3,375,000 Females) 

4th Generation 3,375,000 Female Mosquitoes = 1,012,500,000 Mosquitoes!

That equals over 1 BILLION new mosquitoes in less than one month, from ONE female mosquito! (assuming all potential eggs survive)

Start early and see significantly better results – Our Integrated Pest Management system allows us to disrupt the life cycle of the mosquito to better control the population.  Mosquitoes start to hatch very early in the season.  As you saw in our last posting – the snow mosquito lives through the winter months and looks for melting snow to lay their eggs for hatching.  By starting treatments early in the season, we can focus our efforts to minimize the hatching with our IGR and make your property inhospitable to the existing number of adult mosquitoes in your area.  If you wait until it is a problem, and you’re getting swarmed – it is much harder to control because the population is so large and they have had the opportunity to lay many more eggs in and around your property.

Interrupting the breeding cycle – Mosquitoes have been breeding on your property and your neighborhood for millions of years.  As a result, there are millions of eggs in and around your property just waiting for the right temperature and water level to hatch.  One or two applications will help for a short period, but the eggs will continue to hatch throughout the season as weather conditions are right.  If there is nothing on your property to eliminate them once they hatch, their breeding cycle will continue. Our barrier treatment product is effective for up to 21 days and is applied in areas where the mosquitoes tend to live and harbor during the day.  After there is a hatching on your property, it may take a day or two for those new mosquitoes to get to the areas we treated, but know that they will be eliminated when they come in contact with the product.  With treatments are applied throughout the season, it keeps your property from becoming a place where adult mosquitoes live and lay eggs, reducing the mosquitoes exponentially.  This is why seasonal customers who continuing service tend to see improved results as the season progresses and in subsequent seasons as well.

What you don’t know could hurt you -While most people see mosquitoes as a nuisance, they also spread a number of diseases such as West Nile Virus, La Crosse Encephalitis, and Dengue Fever.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, West Nile Virus (WNV) cases tend to spike from mid-August through September.  As the summer rolls on and it gets drier, the bird population (including the ones infected with WNV) congregates in the areas where water still exists.  This is also where the mosquitoes will hatch at that time.  The concentration of mosquitoes combined with the concentration of infected birds leads to more mosquitoes carrying WNV in late Summer/early Fall.

What can you do? One professional fogging helps protect your family from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes for 21 days. The mist kills adult mosquitoes (as well as ticks) on contact. As incoming mosquitoes attempt to feed off your greenery, the residue on the leaves knocks these newcomers dead, too.  A full season offers this protection all summer long! 

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