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Mosquitoes Are Lightweights

When you have a beautiful day and wish to hang out in the backyard, you don’t want those unwanted guests to show up – mosquitos!

Mosquitoes find us by how we smell and the carbon dioxide that we breathe. According to the American Mosquito Control Association a large fan on your deck can help because mosquitoes are lightweights- they are weak fliers.  A fans breeze disperses the human emanations which greatly reduces the mosquitoes. The New York Times shared an article on this low tech mosquito deterrent. Strategically placing oscillating fans may be a simple solution for your patio or deck area.

For more protection, team up with the Squad!  We are at your service and ready to help!

Mosquito Squad offers a variety of options to protect your family and pets from the dangers mosquitoes and ticks carry.  Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.