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New Year’s Resolutions for a pest free yard!

I know we all have our list of goals for 2013, loose weight, eat better, watch less tv…but how about having a pest free backyard be one of them?

Here are a few “resolutions” you can follow to keep you yard free from pesky mosquito bites:

  1. Eliminate all standing water on the property, and then check weekly to ensure that you have a dry backyard.
  2. Keep trash cans covered to prevent rain water from accumulating. This will also keep out other vermin, further protecting my family from various transmissible diseases.
  3. Monitor and clean out debris from rain gutters regularly.
  4. Make sure that sprinklers and hose faucet are not leaking water.
  5. Water plants near the soil and not from above to prevent water from accumulating in the leaves.
  6. Scrub out all unused small containers and store them inside or throw them away.
  7. Don’t be a mosquito meal.  Apply insect repellent when outside between dusk and dawn.

If you stick to these tips you will help to ensure that you can enjoy your time outside once the warm weather hits.  If you need additional help, see our section on our 5 T’s and give Mosquito Squad a call for a treatment.

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