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Tips on Cleaning BBQ Cooking Utensils and Grill Grates

Keep your grilled food tasting great by keeping your grill grates and utensils clean. Always check the owners guide for specifics of your items.  Here are a few great cleaning tips you may want try:

Before you start – ALWAYS make sure items are cool so you don’t burn yourself!


  1. Wash utensils after every use to avoid cross contamination
  2. Use special care when cleaning – not everything can go in the dish washer=)
  3. Dip tips in bleach water to sanitize.
  4. Use a rag or sponge – Brillo pads can scratch your utensils
  5. Air Dry – this can help avoid rust spots for areas with hard water.


  1. Clear grill grates by preheating for a few minutes.
  2. Scrape away leftover derbies  with a brush
  3. If your grates need additional care – when they are cool, soak them in soapy water for an hour and then scrub with a brush. Oven Cleaner may help with stubborn spots.
  4. Clean food particles off hood and exterior after every use -make sure you’ re grill is cool.
  5. Remove all soot and grease from hood
  6. Give everything a good rinse.

Steamers are another great way to blast off the grime that can build up.

Now you’re  all set to get it dirty again -we recommend starting with our delicious BBQ sauce recipe – check out our post on Lip Smacking BBQ Sauce.

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